Intelligent business pre interm. skills book alhin

Intelligent business pre interm. skills book alhin.

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Intelligent Business is the Pearson award-winning business English course that features informative and authentic material from the Economist. Your students don’t need to be taught what a multi-national company is, they work for one. They don’t need to be taught how to write a business report, they wrote one last week. They just need to turn their familiar work life into English as quickly as possible. The Skills Book includes topics such as 'meeting business partners', 'brainstorming solutions', 'leading a meeting' and 'making a short presentation'. It provides students with functional business English that they can use at work straight away. There is also a free practice CD ROM with all the listening material and some of the video as well as extra language check activities. The Skills book can be used with the Course Book to bring more of a skills focus into your classroom, or use it independently for an intensive Business English Skills Course.